Project solve insomnia continues

I felt particularly low on Friday morning because I think I had pinned  my hopes on the mésothérapie working. So I was a bit tearful when the physiotherapist asked how I was. She asked me why  I had not made another appointment with the doctor I am under, Dr. Belhassen. The next thing I know is she has been to see him and I had an appointment at the end of the day.

Dr Belhassen is good looking and forceful and clearly likes playing to the audience, in this case a student. So when I entered there were dramatic protestations “but my Madame, I hear you have still not been sleeping. Why did you not come to see me?”.  I made a suitably gallic response on the lines of I wanted to ration the number of times I had the pleasure of seeing him.

He then went on to explain the discomfort in my back and leg which was keeping me awake was caused by discopathy – knackered discs between the lumbar vertebrae, which I knew already. He proposed to give me an infiltration into the lower back with a combination of things including some cortisone. He said he would try and do it now, depending on whether he could find the right point in the coccyx to inject.

So once again I was standing, leaning over the couch baring my bum to the doctor. I murmured he might have a problem due to scarring from two ops when I was young.  After several attempts he gave up, agreeing with me the scarring made things difficult.

I think he is going to try again next week, starting with some injection which indicates where to insert the needle. Meanwhile he has stepped up my medication, adding something called Lyrica, which he said would put me out for the night. He warned me I might feel whoozy and to ring for a nurse rather than take any risks.

Har har. As usual I started with 90 minutes sleep without medication, then when I woke up, took my expanded cocktail, and slept for a further 90 minutes to two hours – and then woke up, wide awake. I did indeed feel a bit strange and although I was clearly not going to sleep again, strangely calm. Also no pain in my shoulder and no twiches in my back till about five o’clock. So somehow, despite my lack of sleep I was more up to Kate and Jude’s isit than I would have been the day before

so, this boring saga goes on ??


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