I’ve just taken another jump into the unknown: I’ve had a dose of mésothérapie in my back.

This follows discussions between my physio and the various doctors about my sleeping problems. One of the main causes is the discomfort in my back which makes me want to move my left leg  all the time so I end up sitting in a chair.

This afternoon I was referred to a doctor I had not met so far. Luckily I always scan my x-rays and was able to show her the most recent ones of my spine and hips.  She looked at these and immediately said my spine was in very bad shape. Something I knew already of course, but it saves me having to recount a long medical history .

She  asked me if I had ever heard of  Mésothérapie-which I hadn’t-  and explained it was a series of superficial injections just under the skin, spreading anti-inflammatories and other medication into the problem area .  I gave her the go ahead and so, given I couldn’t lie on my tummy, stood Leaning over the couch while the doctor used some sort of injection gun to administer a dozen or so pricks in my back. Not really painful, so now I will see if they work. If they do, she will repeat the treatment next week.

So  then I went back to my room and of course googled the treatment under I ts English name ‘mesotherapy’.  I’m quite glad I didn’t do that before as I might have been scared off trying out the treatment!   In the English speaking medical world it does not meet with much approval  and seems to be a procedure used predominantly by cosmetic surgeons. Mésotherapie seems more widespread on the continent – as are other alternative medicines – and has its place dealing with localized pain caused by arthritis, for example.

Postscript. 7am the following morning.

It didn’t work – at least not yet. Slept worse than ever.

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