If I had a gun … …

… I would have shot the two women who had a long chat outside my bedroom door at 10:45 last night.

I always wait until after 1030 in the evening before taking the questionably effective sleeping medication, hoping the last stragglers will have returned  to their rooms and the night nurses finished their rather noisy round.

I took my medicine – and then two women got  out of the lift and continued their natter. I  started to get really worked up and was all set to get up and end their conversation when they bid goodnight and went their two separate ways.  Damage done: I  was now grumpy rather than sleepy . And the night continued with a loud, violent thunderstorm. So today has been another for catching up on sleep.

I am not the worst off, a very nice young man who has now joined our meal table, has as his new bedroom companion an old man  who watches television (and falls asleep with the TV on], a noisy oxygen system ,  and a very loud snore. The young man – Anthony – has  suffered for two nights and is Clearly pretty desperate. He  has been towed he is on the waiting list for a single room. We were all urging him at supper to enlist the help of  nurses and physios to make the case more aggre

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