Downsides to my room

I shouldn’t complain – but I will.

My room may glisten with its new paint, but its location is far from ideal:  I am  bang in the centre of the first floor, where two corridors meet, opposite the lift and stairs and next to a room where people collect their ice packs (as well as use washing and drying machines) and beside it is the dirty laundry room. So, lots of people pass by, invariably conducting conversations down the echoing corridors.

My window looks out at the entrance way to the clinic, where the smokers congregate and chat.

all this adds to my sleeping problems, particularly  in the early evening. There is also    the irritating practice, shed by all of the hospitals, that the night stuff do a tour  at about 10, just as you have dozed off.

Luckily insomnia remains my only significant problem; the acute nausea I have had for over 10 days finally  magically and mysteriously disappeared about a day ago.  I’m beginning to wonder if any of the painkillers were responsible for me feeling so ill and that it was in fact some sort of post operative trauma.  I wonder this because of my bad experiences last year. I knew the situation was quite different, but it is quite a coincidence that in someway the digestive system – liver and intestines – should have been involved on both occasions.

Anyway the staff share my relief that I’m feeling better. Of course the shoulder still hurts  that’s normal, particularly after physio sessions. That’s normal  I know this will increase as the exercises become more active, but at least I have satisfactorily nearly passed the first fortnight hurdle.


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