i’ve just experienced reassuring evidence that the health  services in this clinic function as they should.

Most of my rééducation at this stage is passive, that is to say the physio or machine does the movements rather then my shoulder moving  on its own. So I have two long sessions a day on a machine that moves my arm up and down for nearly an hour, the idea being that the  arm should bit by bit be able to move In a larger arc.  Then I have a shoulder massage which feels really good. But now they  are adding gentle movements which I do, never asking the right arm or shoulder to initiate the movement.

This afternoon the physio showed me how to use my good (in my case not so good) arm and hand to gently lift up the hand of the operated side. In one of the movements I suddenly had excruciating pain as I brought the two arms down. It was the end of the session and I somehow got back yo my room where I asked for an ice pack and painkiller (luckily acupuncture or nefopam gives me no side effects).

I was lying on my bed, slowly recovering, when the orthopaedic doctor came in. The physio had reported the incident to him and he wanted to check there had been no damage or displacement of the prothèse.  He was reassured by the various movements he did but said all the same I would get an X-ray to check.  He is also resuming the anti inflammatoires which had been stopped because of my nausea. ( no nausea for the last 15 hours. Fingers crossed!)

under the influence of ice, drugs and the feeling people are looking out for me, I feel much better. All I need now is to find a way to sleep at night.

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