New room – and nausea returns

Last night’s cocktail worked: I slept for 4-5 hours, albeit in intermittent  bouts. I would have slept longer but for spasms in my left leg/back (not helped by Only being able to lie on my back). Each time I woke I was aware of feeling pretty woozy and nauseous. But a price worth paying.

Then after the breakfast dose of pills I once again felt nauseous. I was completely baffled as to what could cause the problem. The only new drug  I had taken was codeine and I’ve taken that in the  past. Anyhow I asked the doctor on duty if it would be a good idea to drop the codeine at lunchtime and she agreed. In the afternoon, yet again, I felt really nauseous . The nurse on duty asked the GP Dr for her advice and she has removed Iboprufen rather than Codeine from the cocktail.  Again, i have never had problems with this before. We will see tonight.

Meanwhile i have moved to a single bed room. Downsides: it is opposite the lift and very noisy, and there is neither balcony nor view. Upside: it is spacious and newly painted and fitted out. Extraordinary what a difference that makes.

img_3896 img_3897


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