On to rééducation

Yesterday passed in a blur. I left the Clinique St Roch soon after breakfast. (What was nice was how many staff came by to wish me well).  I crossed Montpellierc to the Centre Maguelone: another modern structure in a residential street in the suburb of Castelnau.

My first impressions were not good, I was greeted, if you can call an unsmiling grimace a greeting, by the secretary in the reception area. (My impressions of her have not improved with further meetings.)   How strange that so often reception staff seem to have new training in charm.

As usual I seem to have to start my stay by sharing a room, waiting for a single room to become available. My neighbour once  again called Francoise, it’s perfectly pleasant although she does tend to go on rather .

I was all set to start the physio sessions in the afternoon, instead I had to play the waiting game, waiting for doctors physios nurses administrators and others to come by and clock me into their systems.

Perhaps most impressive was the woman who acts as GP (as opposed to physio doctor). She spent nearly an hour taking down details of pretty well every medical event in my life. Would that GPs in France or England did the same thing, it would mean that there dossier started with a complete picture of your health to date.

We spent quite a lot of time discussing what painkillers  I should be offered. The picture is becoming somewhat problematic: Topalgic (tramadol) is off the list after the bad side effects I had last week, so is Lamaline (which we suspect  gave me the hallucinations three years ago with the other shoulder). Even paracetamol turns out to be a problem because my kidneys don’t function very well and the doctor has reduced the maximum I may take in 24 hours. I think  they have gone away to reflect on what are the other options – apart from morphine.  Meanwhile last night I was given Acupan (Nefopam), which worked well – for an hour.

Last night?……. not to be repeated  I slept for about an hour in all and all today have had a splitting headache.  It didn’t  Sharing a room and having to worry about disturbing Françoise every time I tossed and turned (would that I could turn…), But I think the real problem was General  muscular malaise  the physio today said it is common for all the surrounding area to compensate and be painful.  I spent much of the night in a sitting area near our room.

This afternoon the treatment started at last. I had the same session I had the previous time, with my arm in a machine that rises gently up and down for half an hour, and then a first class massage of my shoulder by a young physio, followed by an ice version of a hairdryer blown over the shoulder.

otherwise, all to report  is that the meals are not bad so far but the company leaves something to be desired. Early days yet but I hope that as in past years I find one or two people with whom I can have a reasonable chat.  Meanwhile Francoise who was a perfectly amiable companion (during our first evening together we managed to discuss Brexit, Trump and Le Pen!)  has now been given her own room. I hope to get mine tomorrow.

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