Poppy drama

When I got back from Montpellier on Tuesday I was met by a concerned Peter (my brother in law) and abject Poppy. They had been walking on the road across the valey when they came across a group of horses from the centre equestre.  Peter put Poppy on her lead (while at the same time discussing kitchen installation issues on the phone with his plumber).  Suddenly one of the big dogs appeared from the centre, down below in the valley, a set upon Poppy (Peter is not sure whether it was aggression or surprise that caused this). Much yelping from Poppy and shouting from people, and then the dog was called off by its owner yelling from down below.

There were two impressive tooth marks, one very deep and dangerously close to the spine, and both bleeding.


Poor Poppy was in a complete state when I got back, just as she had been after the allergic reaction to Frontline injections.  She crept round the house, searching hiding places, never staying in one place for more than a minute, and refusing to come near us. It was evening, but I phoned the vet at her home for advice.  She said that as Poppy was walking the spine had not been affected, but that I should come in in the morning.  So all three of us had a restless night, with Poppy finishing the night on Peter’s bed, lying in such a way that he was unable to sleep!

I spent the following morning at Heide, the vet’s.  She was trying to fit Poppy in between operations, but people kept coming in with problems or queries and the phone never stopped.  She is always cheerful, patient and energetic and shows her evident love of animals.  We are so lucky, but as she is in her seventies I dread the day when she decides to stop work.  She said that Poppy’s wounds would have been very painful and immediately injected her with pain killers and antibiotics.  With any luck she should get better soon and wont have an infection.  I have learnt the hard way that I should have appropriate painkillers and disinfectants for dogs in the house.

This morning she is bounding about as if nothing has happened.  She has had her painkiller, suitably covered in goat’s cheese (her favourite treat) and now we are off to Pic St Loup for some wine tasting.

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