Drought and heatwave

Here we are, well into September, and still the sun blazes and – despite some heavy afternoons – the rain refuses to come.

It has not rained for nearly a month, and only twice since July, and the sun is even hotter than in August. Afternoon temperatures are in the thirties, so I am more than glad that I can refresh myself in my pool. But the countryside shows signs of suffering from this prolonged summer, as you can see from these photos taken yesterday evening from my bedroom window:

My hazelnut and walnut trees are losing their leaves and even the oleanders, known for resistance to Mediterranean extremes, are wilting.  This is of course much more serious for farmers and winegrowers (who already took a battering from a sudden localised hailstorm last month).

The ever expanding population of wild boars is also obviously seeking sustenance and refreshment, sometimes in unorthodox ways, as captured in this snap of a female and young family sharing the seaside with holiday makers at Banyuls sur Mer.


Rain is now forecast for Wednesday with a drop in temperatures. Everybody is crossing fingers.

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