Roy Carr-Hill

I have seen Roy and his wife Lyn several times over this summer.2016-08-14_IMG_3740

Roy and Chris were at Nuffield College in the Sixties.  Since then, Roy – a statistician – has worked in diverse fields like Health Economics, Education in Developing countries and Medical Sociology, often holding chairs in different disciplines at the same time.

It was through Roy, at that time married to a French doctor, Sylvaine, that I first came to the Cévennes and subsequently Chris and I and the girls camped for many years at the site set up by his friend, Yves Colomb (fellow ‘soixante-huitard’).

Roy is now based at York University (though much of his work is for international organisations like Unesco) but he has retained a home in the Cévennes – a small house perched on the outskirts of Valleraugue. He married Lyn, a Mexican, last year.  All his friends are delighted and hope this will last!

A few days ago I went to a small lunch to celebrate Roy’s and Lyn’s birthdays and their wedding anniversary.  Two fellow guests were Jankees Duvekot, a Dutch lawye with a house hereand a relatively new acquaintance, and Guy Boissière, an old friend.  Guy built the house extension to our original house, and is another Cévenol radical much involved over the years in various movements, mainly ecological.


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