On the whole I am not phased out by insects.

We have few mosquitoes here, thank goodness, though a local variant, more like an irritating midge, continues to persecute visitors (I think it has got bore by my blood, though it ruined many evenings for me when we camped).

There have been a lot of scorpions this year, but again, they are pretty innocuous ones and I know few people who have been stung by them. You just learn to keep an eye out in the bathroom and bedroom and when putting on sandals.

Curiously I have always disliked ants a lot.  I hate the way they crawl over your skin and nip.  Since installing my new kitchen I have had fewer there, but obvously they are everywhere outside. Yesterday I found myself observing the antics of a tiny ant, determinedly dragging a leaf three times its size.  Why? Where?


Quite my favourite insects are the dragonflies that fly endlessly in circles over the pool.  They are as magical as the water lilies in the plant pool.  I have tried repeatedly to capture them in flight, without success, and have had to settle for photos from rather far away as a dragonfly took a rare rest.

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