Hospital preparations continue

On Tuesday I had a shoulder scan, which confirmed its poor state, and then saw my surgeon, Marion Bertrand.  She pointed out on the scan that there is a arge growth of bone, caused by the arthritis, which she will have to cut away before doing the replacement. She confirmed that this would be a prothèse inversée (reverse shoulder replacement).  She also broke the news that this would be done under local aenesthetic!  Unpleasant, she added, but not painful.  I’m slightly horrified as I imagine the sound effects could be awful, but there is no doubt that there are fewer risks and complications afterwards.

I have chosen the Centre Maguelone for réeducation, as Mme Bertrand says she thinks the physio there is currently the best.  And now I have a mountain of paperwork to get through, not least dealing with my troublesome mutuelle (the insurance that pays for my bedroom and other ‘hotel’ costs)  as well as a return visit to Montpellier for a meeting with the anaesthetist.

I’m also going to try practising dictating into my iphone to see if the speech to text software really works, as I suspect that left-hand typing is beyond someone as right-handed as I am.

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