July weather extremes

I have spent much of the last week wilting indoors.  It has been very hot – afternoon temperatures above 35 and nights becoming warmer too.  Not much fun when you are wearing full length thick compression stockings. And as the week progressed the weather became heavy and stifling as we waited for the inevitable break.

I was not the only one to suffer.  The lime tree (tilleul) which we had planted outside our original house over 20 years ago looks very unhappy indeed; it has shed half its leaves and has grown a circle of suckers around it to show its distress.  I’m just hoping that it will recover.  (The lime tree by the bassin, on the other hand, is looking very happy.)


last night the weather broke.  With a vengeance.  I think it was one of the most violent storms I have seen here: hours of  menacing rumbles and flash lightning interspersed with dramatic forked lightning followed instantly by giant bangs of thunder.  The rain got heavier and heavier, turning into violent angry hail, and then continuing deep into the night.  This morning we had another small storm, but I think that is more or less it.

I was amazed to see how much water had fallen: the bassin has filled right to the top.  The scorched brown terraces leading down to the bassin have overnight acquired green tufts.  The last of the roses, already struggling with the heat, have gone and much of the oleander flowers. Oh, and as usual, much of my steep drive is now at the bottom of the slope.
2016-07-22_DSC01824 2016-07-22_DSC01823 2016-07-22_DSC01822 2016-07-22_DSC01821



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