End of term music

Two very different but enjoyable concerts.
Last week I was part of the Ecole de Musique ‘orchestra’ which joined up with members of the Orchestre Chambre des Cévennes to play a piece by Shostakovich as part of the annual Fête de la Musique. I was the only pupil cellist; luckily two professionals sat in front of me.
On Thursday I joined in the Ecole de Musique’s annual concert. Different groups, backed up by their teachers, were scattered round the gardens of the Chateau d’Assas and played in turn, while the audience moved around.
I played (not very well) in the orchestra’s contribution and later played a solo (better). It was a hot, heavy day and the concert went on too long (two hours). Nevertheless it was good fun.

and the future? Who knows. My teacher, Jenny, is having a baby in October and so far no replacement has been found. The pay is poor and people regard Le Vigan as at the end of the world. Plus, I will almost certainly be having a second shoulder replacement in October or November.

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