Cirque de Navacelles – and Daphne

On Wednesday I collected Daphne Rose (who lived in the flat above us in India Street, Edinburgh) from Montpellier.

Already we have packed in a fair amount: a lovely day in Uzes (a lengthy journey there because a lorry packed with 300 sheep had overturned on the Pont d’Hérault, sadly killing over 50 sheep), a trip to the camp site (down memory lane for Daphne, who visited us there about 30 years ago), a morning in the market, entertaining various people who passed by here….

Today we went to Cirque de Navacelles.  The weather was supposed to deteriorate but miraculously it held off.  The trip reminded me how essential it is to go up on to the Causse in May and June, when the wild flowers are at their best on this beautiful, wild limestone plateau.

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