Back home – que des problèmes

As I unpacked my suitcase the sunny sky was replaced by menacing clouds and we had a thunderstorm.  Out of the four jobs I had asked to be done in my absence, one had been done.

Switching location of dishwasher and cutlery/dish cupboard: done!

Identify problem and possibly repair the jacuzzi: not done.
I got an email from the friend who had said he would look at it after 25th May saying sorry, the excessive rain meant that they had had to work full out on their own garden.

Fill the bassin ready for Daphne’s visit (tomorrow): not done.
Jacky said there was no point because of the continuing dodgy weather.

Cut the grass – again: not done.
Poor Philippe has shoulder problems again plus his machine has broken down.  So I have seven or eight terraces of jungle.  Not so good for Poppy either, as the sticky grasses get stuck into her skin.



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