Ready to travel

The first half of May whizzed past in a whirlwind of appointments.

I completed my four sessions playing in a quartet in Anduze, actually managed to practise the Piazzolle for my cello lessons, and played baroque music a couple of times with Charles and Pierre (followed by delicious lunches which swallowed up the afternoons).

My Arabic is still going painfully slowly, and my Arabic script writing is even more illegible than my usual handwriting.

I had to fit in the usual trips to the doctor, to the podologue to fit the insoles which are supposed to help my painful foot (no change so far). And – en route to the airport – a last minute unscheduled session at the dentist.

On top of all this, the jacuzzi has packed up and my technical support person is away. the motor is supposed to come on s couple of times a day to operate the filtration system, but it is stuck and running constantly. So at the last moment I had to find someone to come in daily to manually switch it on and later off. I fear I am going to have to replace the central electronics, but can do nothing until the friend returns. Fingers crossed it will be in operation as visitors start to arrive next month.

Quand meme, and despite the threat of the strikes spreading to air traffic controllers, the Montpellier to London flight on Thursday passed uneventfully.

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