Computing support

I continue to have a role as a computing support person of dubious qualifications (the main one being that I know more than the people I help). I have had three people ‘on my books’ over the past fortnight.

The trouble is that two of them were Windows rather than Mac users.  I sussed out soon that Christine Capieu, my first visitor, had a sick PC.  I was tempted to try to reinstall her operating system, but then decided that life was too short to become a PC specialist and pointed her at the the only local shop in le Vigan.  Today Christine was back, complaining that the technician had messed up her machine and she could not print. I soon realised he had upgraded the system and Christine had to look in a different place for the print command.

I have been spending much longer helping my friend Yves Jaffrenou.  His latest work is being self published so he has to come to grips with some complex formatting.  I have set up a series of styles and tried to get him to understand them.  But then a new problem: his PC was making strange noises and closing down.  Some rapid research on the internet and I said I thought  the error codes implied the machine was overheating, but also that I thought he needed to reinstal his machine.  Again, I packed Yves off to the shop, where I’m chuffed to say the diagnosis was confirmed.

The third call for help should have been easier, as it was Charles having problems with his Mac (the same model as mine), and indeed the problems were easy to sort out.  But I do find it frustrating when people don’t make any attempt to understand how their kit works and are not prepared to invest any time (given they are all retired) to take in some very basic principles. They prefer to write down laborious ‘recipes’ for what to do in a particular situation  and these don’t help them address similar but slightly different problems.

But then, I continue to be completely dumb about cooking, sewing and gardening 🙂



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