Life in Mars

My house is on a hill called Pied Méjean.  On our side of the road, we are in the commune of Bréau et Salagosse; on the other side of the road is alien territory – the commune of Mars.  The inhabitants (less than 200) apparently call themselves ‘les Martiens’.

It’s curious that I cross this road so rarely – other than our trips up to the Col de Mouzoules, the splendid mountainous saddle which is my view to the west.  This year both lots of grandchildren discovered a delightful little stream in the village and Jude and Ed followed up the path that led from this river through the woods to Breau and added it to their daily constitutionals.

The village has some extraordinary unattractve houses buiilt over the past 20 years, but you can still see the orchards and woods which I remember from our first arrival, and the village itself is full of old Cévenol houses, dominated by a splendid old house, lived in by friends of mine.

The cherry and apple blossom is suddenly here and I decided to do my morning walk to Mars, rather than the habitual stroll to Serres. Well worth it: the blossom was lovely, and shone in the morning sun.

Mind you, I don’t need to go further than my land to enjoy the blossom, both mine, and the wild cherries flowering on the hill to the west – in the commune of Mars.



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