Last of Easter visitors

Yesterday I waved goodbye to the last of my spring visitors, Sally Mitchison and John Charlton, who leave in the pouring rain.  (Surely this must have been the most inclement Easter weather for years.)

We have had a lovely long weekend.  On Saturday they enjoyed market and the Sally and I went up to the trout farm to buy our supper, and yesterday, in  glorious sunshine we went to the Cirque de Navacelles, where Sally did the walk to where the River Vis gushes out of the hillside.

For me the highlights were Sally’s cooking, which was absolutely delicious, and lots of talking, including John’s riveting account of his research into the family of Dick Mitchison (Sally’s grandfather, friend of my grandmother – and kindly friend to all of us).  I look forward to reading the book.  As Sally is not only a psychiatrist but also, of course, a qualified and very experienced doctor, I got lots of helpful and sympathetic advice about my various ailments, equipping me to ask sensible questions at this afternoon’s meeting with my GP.

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