First eye operation

It’s now five days since cataract operation number one. Although I was full of misgivings before turned out to be as straightforward as friends aid it would be.

It is curious that I should have been so full of trepidation, given this was a more straightforward op than the four others I have had in the past three years. Perhaps it was because it was an eye and I knew I would not be asleep. Or perhaps I have just had enough medical interventions.

Anyhow I joined the other old fogeys in the day surgery waiting room and when it was my turn the staff could not have been nicer.

I had already had my two obligatory disinfectant showers at home and, despite the fact that it was just an eye, I had to dress up in the usual paper garments head to foot – though this time I was very sensibly given a voluminous poncho style cotton dressing gown.  So no gaping holes behind!

Dr Sonnenmeiser, the very nice surgeon, came and shook my hand, explained the procedure again, promising the whole thing would take about 20 minutes, before covering my face with some sort of protective, moulded material, with just a small hole in it for my eye.

I had already had eye drops to anaesthetise the eye, so I really did not feel much other than the occasional tugging or pressing sensation.

My eyelids were propped open and most of the time I just saw an incredibly bright light ahead. I had been too squeamish to read the explanatory literature I had been given and tried not to think too much about what the doctor was cutting out. I was not too keen on the pressing sensation as he inserted the new lens!

Then it was all over and I was driven by my taxi driver – an old friend from radiotherapy days – back home.

Apart from a slight sensation of having sand in. Y eye, or a badly fitting contact lens, I haven’t had any discomfort. I can see already that things are brighter, and I’m slightly less myopic. But I won’t be able to judge the difference u till I get new glasses. And that cannot happen until after the second operation, on the 19th.

Meanwhile reading and driving are not easy. But rest assured I’m being very cautious.


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