Many pairs of glasses

I have four pairs of specs – or glasses as the young now seem to call them: long distance, sun, reading and music/computer specs.

I should have five, but I lost my main, varifocal specs just before Christmas. I’m not a fan of varifocals: I get neckache pushing my head up to read the small print.  So apart from the huge cost, I’m not sad to have lost the varifocals and have to revert to my second, long-distance only ones.

I do get very fed up with mislaying my specs as well as having to stuff several pairs in my bag.  Next month I am having the cataract operations and had been looking forward to this simplifying my life, as friends seem to now only need specs for long distance.

This week I had the pre-op meetings in Ganges with the anaesthetist and the opthalmologist who will be doing the op.  He broke the news to me that as my two eyes are so very different, he will be making the left eye suitable for reading and the right for long distance.

In other words, unless I learn to read with the left eye and drive with the right, I am going to need to replace reading,  long distance, sun and computer/music specs. I track my missing iPhone and iPad down with the app ‘Find my iPhone’. If only I could find an app which would retrieve missing specs.

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