Contretemps with the Italian motorways

My adventures were not quite over.  In the morning Charles accompanied me to where I had left the car, beside the splendid (largest in Europe) 19th century Catiglione Cemetery.  Because he was waving me off I unwisely did not spend the time setting my GPS system.

Charles’ last words to me were to avoid taking the motorway to Milan.  So when I  emerged from a tunnel to be faced with an instant choice of Milan to the Left and Livorno to the right, I went right – only to spot too late that the sign said Milano and Ventimiglia.  I then had to drive the whole way round Genoa before another exit came up.

There I carefully avoided the Telepass lanes, thinking I had chosen one for bank cards – only to discover it was for another ticket system.  My cash and bank card rejected, I pressed the button for help, and got a flood of Itlian.  I pressed again, saying sorry, I didnt speak Italian, and a ticket was spewed out of the machine and the barrier raised.  It was only later, over a coffee that I worked out that this was a fine for non-payment – for 77 euros!

I’ve written a complain (in English) and await a reply.


I got a reply: no apology but an instruction to pay 70 centimes, if necessary by bank draft!  Anyhow this was an improvement on 77 euros.

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