I’m writing this in Italy!
I have long promised to visit Charles and Pierre in their second home, in the centre of Genoa (Gênes in French, Genova in Italian). But they are not there till next week so tomorrow I’m off to Vernazza, one of the five towns of Cinque Terre, for a couple of nights.
This could be one of those mini-holidays, like a memorable Whitsun camping trip when we were children, which could prove a washout.

This morning I woke up to rain again, and as I drove through the Gard and then Provence, it got wilder and wilder. And as I approached Monaco, I could see snow on the hills above.

Charles’ instructions for find somewhere free to dump the car on the outskirts of Genoa were confusing and conflicting. But it was a doddle with the app TomTom on my iPhone.

 I’ve just got drenched looking for somewhere to eat. Still, I can see that the historic centre is charming. Hopefully Charles and Pierre will show me more when I return on Tuesday afternoon.

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