A busy February

Time whizzes by when you are having fun…..

The database project is over its major hurdles; Rose is now checking for bugs and making a list of (hopefully minor) amendments.

Then I’ve been meeting with Monsieur Altadill, the guy who was supposed to have got rid of the capricorns in the bedroom beams. He is very reassuring about the munching noises and says once the larvae reach the surface they have to pass through the treated layer of wood and will die – or at least, as He put it, “will be too sick to marry”. Anyhow, as he added, I’m insured for ten years, so all I have to do is ring him.

Meanwhile he and his assistant removed another potential hazard – for children and dogs -eight (!) nests of processional caterpillars in the Mediterranean pine in front of the house. This involved dressing up in white protective suits, climbing up precariously balanced ladders and using giant long pincers to cut the nests down. It was an expensive exercise, but I’m relieved, as the caterpillars invariably come down over the Easter holidays.

The poor cello and Arabic have suffered during the great database exercise, but at least my friend Christine and I spent a laborious afternoon going back over half learnt lessons. We reckon we might be the only two in the class who do not have links with the Maghreb: fellow pupils were either born in Morocco or Tunisia, or they have Moroccan partners.

Meanwhile the health issues continue to lurk. The other day, while on the phone I happened to glance down at my feet and was horrified to see the left ankle really swollen.

 Inevitable I fear given the absence of lymph glands. I rang Joceline, my physio, and she said to soak my feet in arnica and then put them up. A good excuse to lounge around on the sofa.

I have another complicated medical programme in March: various things like getting blood tests and scans before I see the surgeon for a check up on 17 March. And as soon as that is over, more preparatory visits to the clinic before having two cataract ops in April.

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