Gut saga continues

Can’t let a week pass without some medical appointments.  On Monday I saw my GP, Maëlle, and yesterday I saw a doctor at the clinique – who had been in Maelle’s class at medical school.

Dr Glaise was young, informal, friendly and authoritative.  What a pleasure to visit her, even if the news was not particularly cheering.  She confirmed the views of my old friend, Christine (together in primary school, secondary school, and university – and  she then went on to the heights of her profession as a doctor).  Both the surgery last year and then the radiotherapy have caused substantial scarring, or adhesions, which explain the fact that I have problems in different parts of my abdomen.

Her view was that the two recent episodes of pain were kidney stones, which with any luck have passed through.  But I should do what I can to avoid a recurrence – mainly by drinking even more water. Abdominal surgery is definitely not to be recommended unless in a life-saving situation: more surgery would mean more adhesion problems.

She also thought the pancreas might not be functioning properly.  She has given me a course of medication and if this does not work I have to go back to the clinique, this time to a gastroenterologist.

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