Une grande folie

This has to be my last extravagant splurge for some time: I have given in and upgraded my iPhone.

After two years there begins to be a deterioration in the battery, which is expensive to replace.  Well, that is my excuse for regular upgrades, waiting always for the (measly) discount that Orange offers on the full extortionate price that Apple demands.  This time I added the excuse that not only are my fingers getting too clumsy for the small on-screen keyboard of my iPhone 5s but also my eyes could do with  larger text.

So is my latest toy, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, bought from Orange by telephone, since the Montpellier shop said they had no idea when they would be able to get their hands on one. First impressions: very nice indeed, and I think I can handle the extra bulk.  My kitchen scales say it weighs 188g compared with the 5s’ 110g.  

It will be easier to use the phone for the odd bit of internet surfing when away from home, so I may well normally  leave my iPad behind.  It also has a higher spec for photos.  I imagine I will use it for everyday pics when I have left my camera at home.  


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