Change of camera

It’s now nearly three weeks since I have seen the camera I carry with me most of the time – a Canon G16 – and I have decided reluctantly that it is permanently lost or stolen.  My superior SLR camera – a Canon D70 – sits idle most of the time, as it is too heavy and cumbersome for daily use. (I bought it for foreign, exotic travel, which sadly has not happened since.)

So… I decided to trade in the Canon D70 for something in between the two, on the grounds that for daily unexpected snaps, my Appke iPhone will do.  I have abandoned Canon, after 20 years, and opted for a bridge camera (one down in quality from the SLR  but less cumbersome): the Sony RX10 II.

That may mean gibberish to those of you not into gadgets like me, but I’m delighted with the first attempts, though it is going to take me quite some time to master this new beast.  Here is the first picture I took when I got home, sitting on the sofa, aiming the camera at the kitchen area, and then cropping this bowl of fruit.


Hopefully I will be up to taking photos fo the grandchildren, who start to arrive today. And I have to look after this one better than my poor G16!

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