IT support dans le coin

Strange to find myself doing computing support for a number of friends given my lack of training.  But the number is diminishing: Sylvia, sadly, is no longer able to use her computer, Richard (who has a fiendish ancient PC – à bas Windows 7) may soon be moving to Brittany, to be nearer his children, and Christine Capieu (former co-musician) seems to have lost interest in me and her computer since I no longer play in public ensembles… …

That leaves my physio, Joceline.  I created her site for her some years ago, using a Mac program called Freeway.  But it was becoming increasingly irritating having to respond to her requests for changes three or four times a year, particularly when she created new courses when I was in hospital.  So, I have rewritten the site using WordPress, a free open source system, independent of platforms like Windows and Mac OS. Last Friday I did a successful short training session with her and already she has created a new page on her site Dynamique Corporelle.


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