Performing again

Well, for over two years my poor old cello lay neglected in its case.  When I started playing again two months ago I had decided not to put myself through the stress of playing in public again; I was playing just for myself.

It’s been a difficult two months, as I have still not got back to the basic level I was at before.  But still, there are moments of pleasure when I manage to get a phrase right. And its great having a nice, gentle teacher – even if she is young enough to be my grand-daughter.

Our two concerts with the Orchestre des Cévennes were surprisingly enjoyable this weekend. I had actually been practising for the past ten days, so felt pretty confident with the music It helps knowing the other three cellists can cover up my weaknesses – despite Sophie’s alarming warning that any false note is the one people hear.

Both concerts were packed with the families and friends of the players and the easy to listen to but pleasant music was received with enthusiasm, particularly the more jazzy numbers by trumpet, trombone and drums.  Now of course I can’t get the tune from Verdi’s Chorus of the Slaves out of my head.

Next hurdle: some sort of more domestic end of term event when Jennifer has somehow persuaded me to play the first movement of the Boismortier sonata I have been re-working this term. Oh dear, back to playing solos when I know I should stick with group playing.


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