Playing music again

It is so lovely to be playing music with other people again.

My lessons with Jennifer are a weekly pleasure; she is such a nice young woman (young enough to be my grand-daughter!).  I feel less pressured than when I had the occasional lesson with the more formidable and well established Sophie Hautier, andand try to  take away one useful technical tip each week. Sadly I have not even returned to the pathetic level I was at when I stopped just over two years ago, but I am making some progress.

Next weekend pupils from the Ecole de Musique, including me, are playing a concert jointly with the Orchestre Chambre des Cévennes.  Last weekend and yesterday we had two all-day rehearsals.  Exhausting but very stimulating.  It reminded me of the music weekends we used to have each summer at St Abbs.

As it happens the other half a dozen cello pupils are not ready to play in an orchestra yet, so I am the only pupil – the other three are all professional teachers and performers, led by the redoubtable Sophie.

I should therefore feel less pressure.  But there was a moment yesterday when I played a note out of tune (I knew it – but too late).  Sophie turned round and said: “Your E was too high”.  “I know,” I replied, “but I had hoped it was drowned by your three in-tune Es”.  “Oh no.” she said, “it is the one out of tune note that everyone hears”.  Thank you, Sophie, for that reassurance.

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