Peter’s busy visit

I have discovered the joys of vacuum storage bags.  Both down in the gite and here I have struggled with stuffing spare bedding into boxes and heaving them up on top of cupboards.  Down in the gite there is the added struggle against mice and spiders.

I have discovered that vacuum storage bags (thank you John Lewis) reduce dramatically taken up by quilts and pillows.  I started with Sara and now, with the aid of Peter, we took down all storage boxes and I vacuumed the air out of the quilts.  The resultant shrivelled parcels are small and light enough even for me to shove them above cupboards, knowing they will emerge clean for the next visit.

In fact Peter spent a lot of his fortnight up a ladder; when he was not passing down boxes of bedding, he was heaving great boxes off and then – sorted – back onto the top shelves of the ‘garage’ (the strange name for the utility/boiler/storage room at the back of the house, dating from its name on planning applications).

That was not all, as I found bits of the kitchen had been greatly improved and tidied.  For of course, after the first meal I gave him, Peter quietly took over the cooking.  My freezer is now splendidly full of tubs of curry and soup. Initially my excuse was that I was not well, but it has to be admitted that by week two I was capable of taking my share.  But too late – by then I had got the taste for letting someone else cater.

Of course my wine store catalogue has also been brought up to date – to allow for my wine buying splurge last week.  So we did at least manage one wine tasting and buying tour and three restaurant meals. And Peter fitted in a couple of what he – but not I – regarded as just modest toddles.



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