Pah, I’ve got flu!  I was having lunch with a friend on Saturday, started the meal OK, then started sneezing, thought I had a cold coming.  By the time I got home it was the full works – blocked nose, sneezing, headache, shivery, aching limbs, temperature….

I watched the clocks go back automatically at 3am, sat out most of the night, hoping to get better and here I am again feeling very sorry for myself. (Poppy is getting VERY bored.)

I reckon I picked up a virus on the Albi outing on Thursday.  I collected my flu jab on Friday and was going to have it administered tomorrow.  Too late….

I think that this shows that I made the right decision not to go to London at Christmas; my immune system is clearly on the zero needle.

Tuesday evening update

Saw a doctor today – the other one in Maelle’s cabinet – and got a whole sackful of things for nose, throat, lungs and so on.  I noticed an immediate difference after a session inhaling eucalyptus oil (people here are very keen on des huiles essentielles – concentrated plant oils.  I’m happy to have a go at avoiding anti-biotics if possible.

My blood pressure was very low (9/5), so I was told to rest and stop my high blood pressure for a few days.


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