Cassis to Toulon

On leaving Cassis, we continued on the coastal road, stopping aat the top of the hill to look back at Cassis.


The idea had been to meander along the coast from Marseille until we ran out of time and needed to head straight for Cagnes sur Mer, probably when we reached Toulon.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 22.55.30


After the view deteriorated: the peninsula with La Ciotat turned out to be a huge industrial wasteland.  I knew of course that the Mediterranean has been spoilt by an endless ribbon of building.  Nonetheless it is still very depressing to see the reality. For every scenic beauty like Cassis (though here too you have to avert your eyes from the hinterland), there are countless other towns that are simply ugly sprawls.

But there were patches of unspoilt, or relatively unspoilt beauty.  I think it was from Sanary sur Mer that the coastline got more interesting.  The wind was still ferocious and the waves were beating onto the shore. Even the palm trees were bent horizontal.

Wind-swept palm tree
Wind-swept palm tree

We stopped to watch wind surfers performing amazingly difficult and dangerous manoevres.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 23.11.45

If you have a good internet connection you can watch this short movie clip.  The crackling noise is the wind, and the camera shake is me being blown over!

The final bit towards Toulon took us on another beautiful, unspoilt (one-way) road, through a hilly parkland (teeming with walkers) and a view towardsToulon itself.



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