Des capricornes

When I got of hospital in June I discovered that there was something nasty lurking in the chestnut beams of my bedroom.  The evidence was sawdust on the furniture and ominous crunching noises, mainly at night.

I feared the worst, and I was right.  After much hassling, Lionel, the builder responsible for the major extension to the house in 2008 took on responsibility for remedying the problem, called in an expert, who confirmed this was the beetle, capricorn.

Yesterday all the beams put up in 2008 (except in the bathroom, as covered by a ceiling) were treated by the specialist firm.  To avoid the fumes, I spent the night in the gite and Poppy spent the day and night at Hans and Margaret’s.  This was an extra precaution because the specialists insisted though the product was not toxic, it contained a product related to Frontline, the anti-flea treatment for dogs.  Poppy is allergic to Frontline and has to have an extremely expensive pill instead!

Fingers crossed the problem is sorted.  The damage so far is minimal as chestut is so much harder than pine.

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