Family holidays start

Yesterday was an eventful start to part one: visit by Jude and family plus their friends Charlie, Sam, and children Henry and Daisy.  The advance party was Ed, who arrived by car (carrying his bike and luggage) who had driven through the night and got here at midday.

Meanwhile Jude set off with the girls by train to Luton airport.  Maddie was sick over them both on the train, requiring an urgent purchase of a new dress at the airport. On arrival at Montpellier, Maddie was sick again, over the customs control area – no official offered to help.

My friends, Charles and Pierre, went to the airport to collect them, and Sam and family followed in convoy – and got lost.  Much texting between cars and base camp and several hours later, with the awaiting delicious roast lamb meal suffering, two tired carloads arrived.

Instantly everybody recovered and fell into party mood, the adults over belated drinks, the children off exploring and building camps. Bedtime was very late.

Ed was up at crack of dawn for a long cycle ride, but then a request to be rescued: part of his bike’s gear system had sheared off – when he had almost completed the uphill part and had been looking forward to the reward of the long, long descent from Mouzoules.

Now we are in full holiday mode: lengthy bathing in the bassin (while I did my daily Montpellier trip), lengthy lunch, and a falling out and making up between those two best friends, Henry and Ella. (There relationship has now the added dimension of written messages – loving or not.)


Whoops.  Another drama.  Maddie and Ella set off to shop with Ed and got to the first roundabout when Maddie was sick again.  Back home, another complete change of clothes and a two-year-old out of sorts.


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