Friends – – and food

Everybody knows that I’m very greedy (normally) but totally idle and incompetent in the kitchen.  What a pleasure therefore to have friends who love talking about food, buying it and cooking it.  I was thoroughly spoilt during Fran, Rose and Kath’s stay.  The most I did was to light the barbecue for the trout.

It is always a pleasure to see friends and family relish the freshness and quality of fruit and vegetables grown here.  And in the case of the trout there was a visit to the trout farm to collect a second delicious meal.  Coping with my very limited diet was an added challenge, and to be quite honest I sometimes couldnt resist eating or drinking things I shouldn’t, justifying that this was only the first week of radiotherapy.  (It has to be said that by Friday I was feeling the odd twinge…)  Fran even found time to make me a large supply of delicious beetroot gaspacho which is sustaining me over the weekend.

On Thursday my friends replaced the taxi in my daily trip to Montpellier and afterwards, while I rested outside my favourite restaurant, Alain Villard’s l’Appart’thé, they braved searing heat to explore the city (which I am gratified to say they loved).  Then we had an outstanding meal at Alain’s – gaspacho again, followed by a wonderful concoction of thin slices of cold beef, courgettes, aubergine and other delicacies, and finished with an outstanding tarte aux pommes, with a light burnt sugar covering and dressed with strawberries and currants.  As you can imagine, my diet suffered again….


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