What I really miss in my life in France – apart from family – is my pals; the friendships which have lasted decades and are so important to me.

I have friends here of course, but there is something special about people you have grown up or old with. So Ray, who was here last week with his wife Fay, worked with me in the Sixties. Now I’m loving a visit from Fran, whom I first met in 1972, and Rose and Kath, whom I met soon after. Fran and I, along with Joanna Blythman, worked together in the Eighties – the best working relationship I ever had. Rose I got to know better when we collaborated on a database to manage the Dictionary of Scottish Women.

It is so hot that we have done little but swim, chat and eat.  I’m being totally idle and letting them produce the meals.  Tomorrow they are driving me to my radiotherapy session in Montpellier.  Then I will relax in a cafe while they explore the old city.



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