Operation day

its 3.30am and I can’t sleep because of coughing. The surgeon seems less concerned about this than I am.

Yesterday passed quickly.  I had to leave a trembling Poppy at the kennels. But I really like the people and know she will be well looked after.

A last minute panic when I discovered I had not got a ‘Bon de transport’ – essentially the prescription paying for my taxi to Montpellier. I had been looking at an old one for last weeks visit. Another bit of administration I’ll have to deal with today.

The taxi driver, Florian, is a fanatical rally driver and when he heard that Kate and Jude had already landed, he regarded it as a challenge to get me to Montpellier in record time….

It was lovely spending the evening with my two girls. They are being splendidly supportive. And I have really appreciated the flood of good wishes by phone and email.

And so, after a good Chinese meal,  the first of my Betadine (disinfectant) showers in a comfortable hotel just off the Place de la Comédie and sleep – or lack of.

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