Scans and blood tests

In the last week I have had four needles stuck into me: a blood test in le Vigan, another in Montpellier, as well as inserting the ‘produit’ for the MRI, and then yesterday, a further injection of ‘produit’ for a scan in Ganges.

All health staff find it extremely finding a suitable vein.  They complain that my veins are too fine and slide around.  The le Vigan guy is by far the most efficient, one of the Montpellier people less so.  This is my arm, just above the wrist:

The latest needle was to inject me with iodine for a scan (‘thoraco-abdomino-pelvien’).  As usual the radiographer said that results were made difficult by my two false hips, but that he could see no sign of the cancer outside the uterus.  So more promising news.

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