Well, here I am in the Centre d’Imagerie in the Clinique Beau Soleil, awaiting the results of my first ever IRM.
Can you believe it, after all that sweating to get all the documentation for my four protheses, all the nurse wanted to know was where they were. (Plus, having not peed for an hour, as instructed, this turned out to be unnecessary). Humph!
The IRM itself was no big deal: 20-30 minutes in the machine. The only problem was having been told I must not move at all I found it hard to breathe.

An hour later

A pleasant young doctor Gave me the results: a little inconclusive, because my hip replacements muddy the water. The tumour is luckily still quite small and appears to be retained in the uterus.  So- so far, cautious optimism. Now on to meet the gynae-surgeon.

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