Country living means clocking up the miles

I see I haven’t written for a couple of weeks.  But I have been busy!  The downside to living near le Vigan, which is regarded by many as the end of the road, is that any unusual purchases or activities involve getting behind the wheel.

Nimes in a minimum 85 km, Montpellier a good 70 plus, and even Ganges is 25 km away.

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In the past fortnight I have been busy collecting tiles (from Nimes), a lavatory (from St Aunes, near Montpellier), taking my cello to be repaired in Montpellier and collecting it a week later, taking my computer to be fixed (and using the trip to call in on Sylvia, in hospital).  I reckon that I clocked up at least 800 km on these six round trips.

I dislike the road to Nimes intensely, not least because I have picked up too many speeding tickets on the long, boring road which has inadequate passing places. I actually enjoy the road to Montpellier, which is much more varied and on the journey home offers wonderful views of the Cévennes which still fill me with joy, and as an additional bonus, has acquired a good stopover on the St Martin bypass for coffee and enticing cakes.  (OK, I have been hit several times by the speed radar at St Gely, but nowadays I put the car on automatic 90km limit to avoid forgetting this.)

Trips into the centre of Montpellier are also a pleasure (providing you are not lugging a heavy cello).  I love the city and make expeditions an excuse for having lunch at my favourite place: the restaurant run by Alain, who used to run the Auberge in Bréau.

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