Preparing for an olive grove

A couple of terraces below the house the trees, mainly ashes, have been growing at an alarming rate.  Jackie and I have agreed that he should remove these to make way for a line of olive trees, which he will plant in the spring. The idea is that eventually they will grow sufficiently to hide the road and my neighbour’s house below, as well as defining the edge of the cultivated terraces around the house.

I’ve given in to Jackie – as I usually do – and allowed him to remove two old apple trees.  I was a bit sad as one of them had reasonable apples this year if you ignored the thick skin.  But he was very contemptuous of them and says he will plant other further along the terrace.  Surprisingly even he has preserved an ancient pear tree, contorted by the oak which was smothering it and which he will prune later on.  The eucalyptus which the family planted over Chris’s ashes also survives.  It has had a tempestuous history – literally – having snapped off at least three times in violent storms, but it is showing a determination to survive.

On Monday Jackie will coe with his bulldozer to uproot the tree stumps on this terrace.


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