Olive tree project

Just had another congenial coffee with Jackie, mon paysagiste.  On est d’accord that he is going to uproot all the huge ash trees that are threatening to block out my view to the east and require expensive maintenance and replace them with a row of olive trees. (Much more fun than tackling the problem of windows needing painting…)  As Jackie said, I have to make sure I live another ten years to fully enjoy the benefit of mature olive trees.

Luckily we both share a passion for olive trees.  Last year Jackie picked a huge crop from my existing trees (and gave me back a bottle of oil from them).

This year has been disastrous for olives – as for the local onion crop.  But hopefully next year we might have normal weather.  (Just at the moment the house is being buffeted by violent glacial northerly winds.  But at least it means the sky is clear; last night there was a beautiful fullish moon and now you could be kidded into thinking that we were enjoying a glorious day – provided you are hiding from the wind. Over the past few days temperatures have dropped from about 15 to 5 degrees midday, and I have already seen snow on the mountains above us.

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