La Brasucade

In the old days….. way back when we first came to live here, the village events at Serres were jolly, convivial and well oiled.  Inevitably, the old hands, Pierre Combernoux, Marc Martin, Thierry Istre and Lulu Vaquier, used to bring a wonderful ambience with their jokes, stories and songs.  Well Pierre and Marc are no longer with us, and Lulu is old and frail.  The old families are disappearing and the newcomers to the village do not bring that same sense of community.

This was all too evident a week ago, when a communal meal was ‘organised’ (in quotes, because the organisation was zero).  I don’t know why it was called la brasucade, as that is traditionally barbecued mussels; instead grilled sausages and merguez were offered, and mountains of chestnuts (that alone is enough to lure me along!). But little more than a dozen people turned up, most without an offering of something more to eat and drink.

I felt desperately sad at the absence of villagers, the complete lack of organisation, charm or joie de vivre.  The village as we knew it is no longer there.

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