Dental trauma

Why is nothing straightforward?  I had thought that the long awaited restoring of the missing front crown was going to be a simple affair, lasting perhaps half an hour.  Oh no.  After the initial unpleasant injections in the roof of my mouth, I endured 90 minutes.  Then – two lots of x-rays and one set of impressions later – the dentist said he could not understand why the crown had come out.  He told me to come back in the afternoon (horrors – this meant more injections).

When I got back he was very pleased with himself; he had spent the lunchtime simulating restoring the crown into its implant base, using a model of my mouth made from the impressions and had worked out what angle to work at.  So the afternoon was not quite so bad, and here – after three long months of not wishing to catch sight of myself in a mirror, is the result:

The doctors’ big fear was risk of infection spreading to my hip graft.  So I hd a huge dose of antibiotics and I’m glad to report, no infection.  Replacing the three-tooth bridge on one side is however something for the distant future, as it requires a tooth extraction and implant 🙁  So Christmas will involve eating only on the left side.

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