Eye saga continues

I woke up this morning with very sore eyes glued almost shut.  off I went to Ganges again, this time paying for a taxi with my regular company – sad day when ambulance drivers all know the way to your house.

I saw a young woman standing in for the guy I saw last time, but equally friendly and efficient. She reassured me that my eyes were healing albeit slower than hoped for. She went through the various medications and when to take them and said firmly that I must resume my normal glaucoma medication however much it might sting.

All very satisfactory. I won’t get reimbursed for the 40 euro (special rate) taxi fare, but will get back the 40 euro consultation charge.

As I was in the Ganges clinic I called   on my friend Sylvia who has been in hospital for two days with a serious tummy bug, dehydration and low red fell count. She is still awaiting a full diagnosis, but was feeling rotten and in low spirits.

Then back home in another ambulance. As we drove through Le Vigam he asked if there was any shopping I need to do before he took me home. Very touching and the reason I always go to Thiebaut and sons (even though I know that their politics are not mine!).

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