Storms and more storms

it continues to be very mild – about 15 degrees. i have been hearing my frogs, which is not right for Novemver. But I have now lost count of how many grey, wet days we have had this month.

We had torrential rain during the night and this afternoon the rain became even More intense. The rain came on with even greater intensity. We have now had violent storms – thunder, lightening and waves of torrential rain – for four hours non-stop. The Herault was a fierce torrent as we drove back from Ganges and I would not be surprised if it and other key local roads did not close tonight. This particular rainstorm has affected the whole Mediterranean coast and hinterland, from Italy to Spain. i reckon France is having to adjust to climate change; in this part of the Cevennes it means more violent, tropical type storms, interspersed by long periods of drought.

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