A morning in casualty

Can I have any more health mishaps?  Yesterday morning I applied the anti-nit lotion and – despite having my eyes closed – managed to get some in my eyes.  Thirty minutes frantic bathing in sterilised water and then more desperatel sitting under a shower for so long that, given my eyes were shut, I flooded the whole bathroom (and had to throw towels everywhere), I knew I had to go to casualty.

I phoned Tony Shepherd (he and his wife were due to bring lunch oer later) and asked him to drive me to Ganges.  There I found that eye casualties were treated by the opthalmologists not the Urgences. I eventually saw a young doctor (who was far nicer than my usual one) who confirmed that the eyes, (or eyelids – not quite sure which) had nasty burns, but that there was no long-term damage to the eyes.  He gave me a prescription for two sorts of drops and said it would hurt a lot for two days.

By the time Tony and Josie gave me lunch I was in quite a lot of apin and after they left collapsed in bed and, amazingly, slept for two hours.  I woke with the left eye completely glued up, but in much less pain.

Poor Margaret then had to drive me through torrential rain to the chiropodist.  Then I retired to bed again.  Thank goodness for Radio Four.

This orning, there are distinct signs of improvement.  The fact that I can see my keyboad, albeit for a limited time, is evidence. Fingers crossed that this will go on, as while the eyes are in this condition, apart from discomfort, I cannot take my glaucoma medication.

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