Doctor younger than my daughters!

I’m happy to have switched to Maëlle Dequand.  She must be about 30 and will certainly see me out!  More important, she is a really nice person and I feel totally relaxed in her presence.  She is keen on alternative medicine, so I go with the flow and accept her prescriptions for homeopathic remedies alongside convential medication.

Yesterday she prescribed an alternative remedy- Symphytum officinale (comfrey or knitbone in English)- for speeding up the setting of my bone graft.  It can do no harm and who knows it might help.

Less encouraging is her view that I would be unwise to have my front crown put back – even with antibiotics – before the graft is set, and suggested if I really wanted to go ahead, I should ask the surgeon first.  So I fear I may well have this horrible toothless gap over the Christmas holiday. (As to the more major work, extracting the tooth which supports a bridge and replacing it by an implant, I fear this is een further into the future, so I have to get used to eating only on the left side).

Final mauvaise surprise of the visit: when I told her that since leaving hospital my scalp had been a bit itchy, she look at it and said she thought that I might have had nits when in hospital!  Anyhow, I’m going to spend tomorrow morning dousing my head with anti-nit lotion and then shampooing several times.

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